Come to Toms River, NJ

A small coffee shop

After years of working for others we decided to take a chance and start the challenge of opening a small coffee shop of our own. So, with “a dollar and a dream” we began the task of building what we hoped would be a place where people could come, grab a cup of coffee and conversate about whatever they had on their minds.

Having children ourselves we wanted it to be family friendly where even the little ones could find stuff to entertain them. It was Johns vision to infuse music into shop as a way to bring people together and create an atmosphere that was lively and positive.

So, after months of work building out the space we emerged on July 5th, 2018…Bubby’s Beanery, a local coffee shop where you can expect organic and fair trade coffee, local pastries and bakery items, friendly service and a truly unique musical experience.

Now, many have asked about the name. Bubby’s Beanery is a tribute to our children. Aiven (aka Bubby) has been a lover of classic rock from the start. At the ripe old age of 5 he enjoys jamming out to KISS, Tom Petty, The Allman Brothers and just about anything else he can strum air guitar to! His sister Chaelyn (aka Bean or Beany as we call her) is more of a Performance Theatre fan.

Our goal at Bubby’s is not only to provide the best coffee experience but we are trying to raise awareness on many levels. We strive to be environmentally responsible by using all biodegradable and compostable cups, lid and even straws. We recycle our coffee grinds and use recycled beer holders for our togo orders and we must say the local community has done a great job in supporting this cause. Our store is completed outfitted with recycled furniture that give it both a vintage feel and help us stay “Green”. Let me also mention we are completely pet friendly and have a water bowl outside daily for our furry friends and cookies inside the store….something for everyone. If your lucky enough you may even catch our family dog, Lilo, hanging around the shop on the cooler days.

If you haven’t stopped by yet please come and check us out! We love making new friends.

John and Jennifer Earp
Bubby's Family
Aiven (our son), Lilo (our dog), Jennifer Earp (me), Chaelyn Earp (our daughter), Stitch (our other dog) and John Earp (my husband).